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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Im back...

Nothing much. Haha. Woke up brush teeth. Normal lor.
Thn waiting for my dad to leave the house so i can go out. Lol. When he out le i chiong to cuppage. Saw weixian at the lift there thn we went up together. Haha!

During service super no mood. Sigh...
Whatever pastor jeff teaching i never listen. Oh my tian!!!
Thn after service went toilet style hair with weixian. Lol!

After style le went plaza singapura to buy my earpiece. My previous earpiece spoil lah. Zzz. Waste my money. Lol! Thn after buy le went walk walk to find place to have our lunch!

Walk here walk there in the end ate lunch at pastamania!

Haha! Weixian and me crap like hell lah. Thn eat finish liao no idea where to go. We come up with a list of so many places lah!
For example :
East coast park
West coast park
Sembawang park

Alot lah! So in the end we went vivo. Lol! Sibeh fun lah at vivo! We went sky park to play!

After all the cam-whoring we are thirsty! Believe me. There are more pictures thn that but too fugly. Lol. So we went daiso to buy drinks!!!

Just nice sio! Purple and red! Yunho and jaejoong! Ahhhhhh! So coincidence!

We drink it at the sky park lah. Nice can?!
Leg in water. Plus it is dark already so the scenary very nice. And cold drinks in hand. Bliss!

Wa i feel so xinfu all of a sudden. Haha! But hor! Got this group of childish people sibeh stupid sio! Throw slippers here and there thn one slipper hit dao weixian. Cheese bun. =_=

Irritating freaks!!!!!! Bahhhh! Not worth my time blogging about them.

Drink finish le thn homed! =]

Bye people!!! ^^

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-weixian's tags will not be replied!!! TOO MUCH! ROFL!-

to tiffanie - relinked! =]

to wenQ - yo yo yo =]

to lov-ethsex - eee. i didnt win. lol! so sad! update le lah! i not stupid x.x

to kesha - update alrdy! i know u guys miss me. LOL!

to janice - LOL! U DOG! =X

to usa people search - sorry lazy to link. x.x

to . - not interested =]

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