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Skating, gaming and anime is my life.
Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alright. This shall be a short post becos i am busy. Haha!

My messy hair.


Fine,here it is.

Am i a good person or what?

Tags will be replied on the next post =D

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Byebye long hair. Hello short hair.

Yup. Yesterday went to cut hair with weixian. So short oh my god! I need hair wax le. My hair is like....got auto spike de can? Thn just now when i wake up i look like lion lah! Roar!!!

How you tell me how! Oh by the way, sunday meeting weijie<33 and siyi<33 watching movie. Wooohooo! I mean next sunday not tomorrow ah. Tomorrow booked for basketball. Nia hia hia hia hia!

One week holidays i am so bored le. Hahaha! Most probably lots of tuition,remedials and church activities. Oh and friends, dont be shocked of my short hair when school re-opens. For a-math students dont be shock this wednesday ==''

Alright now i have to go prepare to leave for church. Bye ppl! Dont miss me ah!

P/S : Wont be blogging that regularly anymore.
P/S/S : I just sneezed twice.
P/S/S/S : My hair is so short!

Hehe! Ok random. Bye ==''

Tag replies :

to wenQ - haha! got miss u lah!

to BLue - Nath! Sorry been quite busy this few days due to exams getting nearer and nearer by the second!

to g-natay - LOL! but nice wat! it made alexis laugh!

to passerby - lol! finally i push u enuf xP

to wenQ - sobs! E.T went back home 2hours ago xP

to lov-ethsex - ahahaha. you like that anyhow post your number not scared ppl prank call ah? ~.~

to calvinn - hi =D

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am so busy now! So i shall just reply tags and by the way,friday i am going to go cut hair with weixian. Omg! Dont know how it will turn out.

Tag replies:

to jerrie - hi.

to lov-ethsex - lol.its ok! haha!

to kesiao - visited.

to JIDAN - lol.

to MissRynna - welcome back. haha!

to lala - haha no prob.

to lov-thsex - updated liao. HAHA!

to alexis - hi! LOL! linked! dont think she will know though. hehe!

to roshann - thanks. haha!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am too tired to type out anything so i shall just let the pictures do the talking. After all a picture speaks a thousand words right? =D


Vanessa with my cap.

Lol. Gina extra! =X

From left to right : me,birdy(peiying),gina,jiahui,vanessa.

i look weird.zzz.

The stage,which is being turned into a holy ground!

Weixian and me after the concert.

We look like ghost! Hahaha!

From left to right : Seok sian(in red),me,vanessa.

So blurry! Haha!

That's all for JUMP concert pics. Next up are today's!

Tingting playing rubiks cube...AGAIN!


Mis-matched slippers. Haha! Left : me. Right : weixian.

Tag replies :

to Mazliana - linked!

to Ziying - that ahpek siao siao one lah! zzz.

to vicarlone - hi.

to JIDAN - haha! k lah k lah.i am such a good person!

to vveijie - me neither! =( linked! haha!

to lov-ethsex - argh! u pangseh me and weijie T_T

to BLue - nath! stay strong! ur bday giv u surprise k? haha!

to JunJun-Riko - hi!

to MissRynna - oooh! thanks! haha! seriously,one giveaway was that : the guy was wearing a cape and who the heck wears a cape in this new century? and once u see a zombie u would immediately shout like a girl and not shoot them with bullets becos u cant kill zombies(if they really exist).

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today during assembly damn funny!

Kesiao : crystal tay,why you so emo?
Macaroni : becos she is not elmo.

LAME!! LOL! Today in school keep folding hearts. Straws kop from jidan. Hahaha!!


So tiny. Haha!

INTRODUCING!!! My physics paper marks -.-''

After school have to stay back becos of that ahpek. Tmd. She kpkb damn alot i tell you! Plus she like face so much that she refuse to admit her mistakes! What kind of teacher is this?!

She say one whole ton of shit thn she look in my direction and say : "Right anot,kimberly?"

HELLO! Beside me is kesha and i am crystal! No kimberlys here!!
Oh my gosh...
I jus remembered this is the hungry ghost festival. Eh ahpek! Are you seeing things? Maybe you should go have a eye check-up?

Anyways me and kesha were like : "Huh?"
And she shake her head in that stupid way and say nevermind in that stupid voice as if we have not been listening to her talking shit. MIND YOU! THERE IS NO KIMBERLY IN CLASS 3/2!!!!

After all that went bpp buy the straws to fold heart so i dont have to kop from jidan. Hahaha! Thn home sweet home! Did my history essay. Thn went out to buy scissors and now here i am blogging.

And i am gonna go watch pokemon now! Hehehe! Byes!!





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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is not a paid advertorial. This is a CONTEST! =D

Have you guys ever wanted to feel the world? As in like travelling all over the globe and yet afraid to lose all those memories? No worries!
Canon to the rescue!!!

Live your Digital Dream with Canon.

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Ok. School is way too boring for me to blog about. But today at library damn funny. Alicia and me talking about something which i forgotten what but suddenly i ask ms maari : "Cher! You got boyfren?!"

Ms maari replied : "Not really.In the process.One day eventually."

LOL! Is cute de lor! Lame! Hahaha. Thn during library we were told to write a short story and the topic should be in our school. Thn alicia and me write about a story titled "Crazy people in our school"

Seriously. You read already confirm you laughing like siao zhabor. Hahaha! After writing finish played with the whiteboard...

The 'fire' alicia draw.

Uhh..Look so wrong...O_O


Jidan during chinese class =D

Ok i am gonna go bathe now. LOL! Bye people! =D

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today is a boring day so i shall not say anything about today but wat i notice was that i dont seem to have any fate with my previous phone,nokia N81.

When i first got my N81 all was well but after 2 weeks mishaps start to happen.

1) It got drowned in alcohol. Yes! ALCOHOL! A-L-C-O-H-O-L! Vodka to be exact. I was playing mahjong and drinking a little and i spilled it onto my 2 weeks old N81.

2) Got it repaired. Thn once while i was working part time during the june holidays it got locked. As in the SIM card got locked. Sad huh? I was playing with the PIN code thingy and blame it on my itchy fingures that it got locked.

3) Got a new SIM card thn started using back my N81 and it got STOLEN! At lot1....WHAT!!! THE!!!!!!!!!!!! *TOOOT*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine it? All the possible mishaps that can happen to a handphone happens to my N81. Actually there are other small mishaps as well but it is too minor not worth to mention.

Currently i am using a sony ericsson k770i and i must say. I used to be a hardcore nokia fan but now i have a new found respect for sony ericsson(:

Tag replies :

to Weixian - LOL!!! Thanks to my cybershot phone =D

to Set1aone - lol.will link you once i am not too lazy =X

to PshopStudent - visited =D

to yiting - =='' lames!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

School damn boring lah. After school went to find mingyee thn when bpp. Meet dao weixian thn walk walk abit. After that saw tinghui. Lol! Thn went kopitiam eat and thn we go change tinghui's phone wallpaper! Wahahaha! Sibeh funny i tell you!

Lol! For those who can't see the phone wallpaper clearly...

Sorry seok sian! But,wont you agree wif me that seok sian look abit like yuping? Abit right? Hahahaha =D

Ok thn..MOVING ON! After that gina came and she is all wet becos of the rain. LOL! So we went lvl1 toilet to let her dry herself...

Her hair is dry but her shirt is still wet! So...

Gina : "Wah...feeling damn shiok..."

Gina : "Lalalalala~"

Gina : "Hmmm..."


Alrights i have nothing else to say now. Oh! Before i forgot...


Tag replies :

to vveijie - hahaha.as soon as i am not lazy? ><

to lov-ethsex - ORH HOR! U BO GO SCHOOL AH?! LOL!

to Set1aone - hahaha! visited =D

to JunJun-Riko - wa.u gt link me i bo link u abit unfair leh.wait i not lazy i link u >< lol sorry.i am such a lazy ass =P

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

What the heck! I have jap looks?!?!


Realised that all the celebrities that i look alike with are ALL JAP?!
OH MY TIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today is the first day i used my k770i. Hahahaha! Surprisingly i didn't take much pics today. Maybe because i keep forgetting to. Hahahaha! So anyway i shall let the pictures do the talking as i am too lazy to type. LOL! =X

What is jess and peiying doing? =D

Tingting playing rubik's cube.

During harvester meet saw this grp of ppl doing stunts.

Weixian's slippers floating in water! =D

Weixian and me walking in water!


Tomorrow : shepherding and carnival!

When the oceans rise and thunders roar.
I will soar with you above the storm.
Father,you are king over the flood.
I will be still and know you are god...

Tag replies :

to BLue - LOL! okok =X

to G-naTAY - YO!!!

to vveijie - LOL! gd luck to u too!

to cg - lol! i am a blogoholic! =X

to Xiaopoo - yo da bian! =D

to lov-ethsex - haha! gd luck to u too! if we both win thn see u there ah! =D and thanks for the grats on my phone. wahahaha!

to vveijie - lol.provided i am not lazy >< i am vry lazy now =X

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my k770i!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Yo ppl! Didn't went to school today. Hahahaha!

And i wan my k770i!

25 days before getting my k770i.

Tomorrow : SERVICE!!!
Dress code : RED!!!

LOL!!! I am gonna go watch la bi xiao xin now. Bye people!

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hey peeps! This is a Wall E contest(again!). Hahaha! Just trying out my luck here!

So anyways,there is NO reason at all on not catching a movie of this cute guy here...

No!!!!!!!! Not brad pitt!!!! I mean this guy....

Awww! How cute can it be? =D

Awwww! Dont need to giv me your shoe lah. I will watch your movie provided i got the free tix from nuffnang *winks at the nuffnang ppl reading this* Hahaha! Joking! =X

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Ahahaha! Seriously school is boring. But during history when i went toilet and i came out i started sneezing. Thn got this guy(i think a new teacher or something)say to me "Gan mao liao." Translation : You kena flu.

I stunned tio sia! I jus stare at him thn "huh?" He replied "Sneeze one time means someone talk bad things about you. Sneeze two time means someone missing you. Sneeze three times means you need go see doctor for your flu." and he started laughing. Thn i was like "Ok...." and i jus walked away. Lame sio!!!!

Thn after school went for history remedial thn after that went lot1 to find weixian and vanessa. Lunch-ed at KFC thn went to buy my mango red tea and made our way to cck park for cg.

Cg is fun!! Woohoo! =D
After cg went lot1 bought mango ice blended thn home sweet home~

Hahahaha. Think tomorrow i pon school. Boring sia listen to the 7As and the CHRIST values. I have been listening to it for the past 2years. Zzzz. So think tomorrow i pon school thn shift my math tuition to tomorrow morning thn after that the whole day i free. Woohoo!

Tomorrow badminton anyone? =D
Plus i need shop for red shirt. Zzzz...
Oh ya! Hope tomorrow my mom is free to go out with me thn i can beg for my k770i. Hehehehe. *cross fingers*

Oh shit. I almost forgot....
26 days before getting my k770i.
(Or hopefully tomorrow i can get le. Hehehehe...)

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School is boring...ONCE AGAIN! Hahahaha.

So anyways,seriously school is boring. You dont wanna know....

So so so!!!! The only thing that is interesting today is that. Alicia and me during library go play the pen game.

You know the game whr u invite the spirits into a pen and on a piece of paper there are wordings etc. Oh my god! Scary i tell you! Though we are not suppose to play but curiosity got the better of us. Lol! So so so. That's all. WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Okok. Becos this post i so short i decided to share with you a cool video.

Credits to germaine for giving me that idea!

27 days before getting my k770i.

Tag replies :

to crazywrazy' - hahaha! thanks for dropping by again =X

to a@ron - di siao means u go 'play' wif that person.abit like irritating that person like that lah. Lol!

to henry - thanks for dropping by. Have a nice day =D

to unicornee - lol same =X

to skywalker - scully u wish for 10million and that wish really came true. LOL!

to crazywrazy' - GOOD MORNING! LOL!

to wenQ - ROFL! no alien invasion lah! Is E.T come visit! =D

to BLue - my god! Nath! How can u do this to me?! T_T

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yo ppl! Today school is BORING! But during english lesson got fire drill. Thn when we all assemble at the field i managed to get the seat at the basketball court lah. So i dont need to sit on the wet wet,disgusting,bug-infested grass.

Thn i think becos of so many ppl on the field a few insects came to the basketball court. And the insects start to di siao jiawan. Wahahaha! Everybody point at jiawan and laugh at her. *Points at jiawan* WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okok. Dont di siao ppl already. Lol! Thn the rest is jus plain boring.

After school : mingyee,gina,tinghui,tingyi and me WALK to bpp. Too fat le so mus exercise abit. Hahaha! Lunch-ed at mac thn me and weixian walk walk around bpp. Print some photos thn lrt-ed to lot1. Walk walk again. Bought matching phone straps =D

Hehehe. Thn 67-ed home. And on the bus i saw one aes tie being tied to one of the handles on the bus. Lol! I wish i could take a picture of it but even if i took a picture of it i cant upload it becos i dont hav nokia cable. Argh!

See!! This is why i want my k770i as soon as possible!

28 days before getting my k770i.

Or any kind souls can buy me one now? I wan black colour de thank you! =D


Argh! I have to tolerate my mom kpkb-ing jus so i can get my k770i ASAP. I buey tahan liao lahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Chants to self*
For the sake of my k770i.
For the sake of my k770i.
For the sake of my k770i.
For the sake of my k770i.
For the sake of my k770i.
For the sake of my k770i.
For the sake of my k770i......

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Monday, August 11, 2008

100th POST!

This is my 100th post. But today i hav such a boring day that this post is gonna be boring.

Guess what? Whole day i jus stay home and play computer. How boring is that? Wow.....

Uhh well. Anyways...

29 days before getting my k770i.

YES! I am still doing my countdown! =.=

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Life is so bloody unfair!!!

You tell me! Why is life so unfair,you tell me! Argh! =(

Sigh,hate the way adults dont understand us. Sigh. Uhh well. Woke up thn i was so bloody pissed at some things. Didn't went to play basketball today cos of stupid things being so f*** up.

Went out with family. Watched journey to the center of the earth! The movie not bad lah. Hahahaha. So after that went to play arcade abit. Thn went NTUC thn home sweet home.

And i swear i am doing a countdown to the day i am getting my k770i.

30 days before getting my k770i.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008


Alrights. Woke up at 8.30am thn giv alicia wake up call. Lol! After that showered changed clothes thn went to bangkit to meet up with alicia. And alicia is cute de lor!

She called me thn...
Alicia : Eh whr are u?
Me : Bus stop lor.
Alicia : ORH! I saw u already. Hehehehe.
Me : Huh? Whr u?
Alicia : Turn to staircase there.
Me : *turns*
Alicia : *laughing like siao zhabor*
Me : You saw me why dont wan come?
Alicia : You come here lah.
Me : Zzzz.Okok. *kup phone*

You tell me! Why she so lazy to walk that few steps? LOL! So anyways,190-ed to town. Went 7-11 to buy drinks and sweets. Thn walked to mac to buy sausage mcmuffin for myself.

Thn alicia took one bite of it thn she say : wo bian fei le.(Translation : I become fat already.)
Waaaaah,eat one bite thn fat liao. Thn that means i become like ms bha........NVM SHALL NOT SAY!

Lalalala. So went to service and alicia is back,yo! Wahahaha! Had west huddle etc. Fun fun!!!! After that they started cam-whoring and i suddenly turn moody. Uhh whatever!

Lonely,Made my way to plaza singapura. Met up with JONATHAN KHER JUN XIAN! Whooo! *clapclapclap* Hahahaha! And yes,he is the person that i said 'whom i shall not say'. But i still said it anyways so who cares? Lalalala!

Watched money not enough 2. Rate it 3/5! Becos first 3/4 of it seriously boring. Only the last 1/4 part touching plus funny. And it made me cry =(

After that went times bookshop to see.Hahahaha. Thn he went to buy his dinner thn home sweet home~

Tomorrow,basketball with kwok jiawan at southview.Hahaha.

And now i am so bored so i am gonna go bathe first. Bye people! =D

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Today school release very early. The concert is cool. Hahaha! After school lunched at canteen thn went to janice house to change. After that go play basketball with janice and ahkim. Fun fun! Basketball is very shiok!!!

Hahaha. After basketball went home msn-ed awhile and now here i am blogging. This post is so short. Lol!

So anyways,tomorrow service!! After that watching money not enough 2 with somebody whom i shall not say. Hahaha! Ok i am gonna go watch mr bean now. Goodbye!

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Todays is boring de lor! I hate mr rizman!! Dont know how to spell his stupid name lah! Hate him hate him hate him!!!! Argh!!!

After school went lot1! Bought bubble tea thn made our way to cck park for cg. Last cg with cck ppl! Sadded! *cries* Hahahaha. Games is fun de lor! Yeah~ Love cck ppl. Hahahaha! And and and! Thanks to seok sian and mingyee for buying pizza for us! Hehehe.

After cg went lot1 to slack. Tired tired! Bought strawberry ice blended to try. Wat the heck lor! Taste very.......STRAWBERRY?! As in like the strawberry taste very strong? Aiya i dont know how to explain lah! I am not making any sense. You guys go buy and try it yourself. Hehehe.

Tomorrow 11am release from JAIL SCHOOL! After that going to go play basketball with janice! Woohoo! Yup yup! I am addicted to basketball once again! But i am still not gonna join back basketball! Got ahpek dont have me,dont have ahpek got me. How's that?!

I am lazy to type now so i shall just post up lots and lots of pictures for you to see.

Lol. The last picture i look like i wanna cry sia. Blehs. I am gonna go bathe now. Bye people! =D

P/S : I am lazy to post up the rest. Hahaha! So make do with 2 pictures for now.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I am joining into this contest with germaine. Hahaha! So...This is just a nuffnang contest =D

The craziest thing I have done for love is not sleeping for the whole night(and the next day i got school some more!)jus waiting for his call and in the end he told me he fell asleep that is why he didn't call.

I got so pissed off that i break with him the next day.

So anyways,catch Wall-E in cinemas from 28 August 2008!

(ORIGINATOR BLOG : http://www.meymeylicious.blogspot.com/)

Wish germaine good luck in the contest!!! Remember to invite me if you win hor! Hahahaha!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Today damn slack sio!

Mr ong never come.

Ms bhavani never come.

Crap with amanda,liqing and cuizhen.

Amanda order the least food but yet she still last one to eat finish. Sigh. LOL!

Damn sian. Going to fall asleep but cant sleep. Zzz.

Mr ong never come so free period again!!!

Social studies
Heng test postpone! Hahahaha!

After school
Mrs tan never come so no F&N remedial. Mr ong never come so no math remedial. Woohoo! So went BPP with kesiao! Ate long john thn we walk walk abit. Decided to go to lot1 so lrt-ed to lot1.

At lot1 walk walk again. Kesiao go buy her tongue stud thn after that nth to do so went library to slack. Thn we trying to find the horny book. LOL! We search for it but dont have. Thn bpp library have. So lrt-ed to bpp again.

Hahahaha! Went library to search but dont have. What the..?! So wanted to went home. Reached the exit saw julia and shuling. They told me tomorrow cheryl's birthday.
Went minitoons to buy her birthday present. SEE! I is good de lor! Hahahaha!

After that home sweet home! Lalalala! Ok going to go bathe now. Bye people! =D

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Addicted to inukami!
Sorry ppl =X

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

I realised something about the INNIT board. Lets take a look...

See one INNIT post that is being ringed in red? Well,if you do this....

What will happen? The post won't get nanged. Thus people can just view your post and run away. Ta-dah! Free post for people to see and you didn't get the nanged you deserve.

You might ask what if you don't deserve that nanged? Well,if you have that question on your head. May i ask what is the dang button for?

P/S : Those underlines are for you to see that i didn't have any glitch on my computer or anything. You can try it out for yourself.

P/S/S : Click on the picture to enlarge.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Today went for service! Met gina at cuppage plaza at 11pm 11am! Yeah. And my shepherd is tinghui! Woohoo! Clapclapclap! Service is fun! Hehehe. After service went to makan makan! After makan no where to go so tingting call me go with them for harvester meet.

Yeah! Fun fun! Hahahaha. Had doubts in returning to church before but now....NO! Thanks guys for all your support.

After harvester meet went bugis with vanessa! Walk walk. Nothing much too buy so went to play arcade at bugis junction. And now my arm is aching due to the throw-ball-at-bad-guys game. Hahahaha! Damn funny. Vanessa and me laughing like siao.

After that decided to head home as it is 7.30pm already. Reached the bus stop thn realised that 960 is gonna take 22min to reach. What the..?!?! So wanted to go buy drinks while waiting thn i saw my cousin. Chatted awhile thn went to buy my milk tea. Nice nice! After that home sweet home!

Now here i am blogging. Plus i haven bathe! What the!!!!! Alright i am gonna go bathe now. And and! I am aiming for a new phone,but i dont know what phone shall i take. Any opinions,ppl?

Plus i want a cybershot digi-cam! Oh money money come to me!!!!

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Woohooooo! Went to play basketball today! Damn! The feeling when you are running is so damn shiok! I miss basketball! Ok i am tired. Goodbye! =D

Oh ya! Germaine say she saw someone who looks like me on TV! What the hell?! It's a channel 8 show. ROFL! I hate chinese!

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Help me click on the ads and i shall giv u 10cents! =D
What?! Dont look down on 10cents ok! 10cents can let u go coffeeshop toilet hor!
And if u collect ten 10cents u gt $1. Thn if u collect ten more 10cents u gt $2 thn can go daiso buy something!

Freedom of random-ness still exist.
Love me or hate me,its still an obsession.

The owner of this blog has A.D.D(Attention deficit disorder).
People with A.D.D has a tendacy to go off topic.
Which results in her saying random things at a random timing.
So it will be like they wont say finish what they wanted to say.
Sorry about that...ok,so i was saying.........
My favourite number which is 7,minus 3 is 4!
I thought you might want to know that.....


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Assumption English School.
Skater. Future Slalomist.
Anime and gaming fanatic.
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Garena BlackShot ign: XiaoC
SGC ign: crystal1993
Contactable at :

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Seba FR2
Master my skating(basic)
A proper wrist guard
Master T Brake!
Learn Slalom(Future)
learn c-walk
webcam(so can entertain weixian.LOL!)
N81 phoneLOST
black sony ericsson k770i
crumpler bag pack
new wallet
friendship slippers(with weixian)
friendship cap(with weixian)
tattoo(with jiawan and kesha)
2nd tattoo(with kesha)
digital camera
a new jacket
DBSK jacket!(with weixian)
nose piercingCLOSED
2nd ear piercing
slim down(!!!!!)
black and red DS lite
promote to sec4 EXPRESS
Get good grades for O lvls
and the never ending list continues....

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Designer, background etc. : RANDOM!