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Skating, gaming and anime is my life.
Thursday, October 30, 2008

I hate my parents. I swear....

One day im gonna leave the house....


Commit suicide.....

I cant bear this any longer....

Sometimes i think whether am i really their daughter.
LOL! What a joke...
Obviously im adopted. DUH!
If im really your daughter you wont treat me this way.

Do you know how much i envy my brother whenever i see you pampering them and not me?
Do you know how much it hurts to realise that you brought my 2 brothers out for dinner and not me?
Do you know how much tears i cried just because of all this?
Do you know how much it hurts whenever i call you to ask you what time are you picking me up for dinner and you just plain told me "oh i forgot about you."

Because of that i cried myself to sleep almost every night.
Nobody knows.....
Nobody knows what im going through.

Everytime you ask me to go out to watch a movie with you or eat dinner with you. I always set aside time.
But everytime it is always the same...
"Oh i forgot about you."

Im sick of all this already.....
Why cant i just end it?
Why am i still living?
Why am i not dead?

Dont worry....
I will be dead soon. Maybe on my 16th birthday. Maybe earlier. Maybe...

This 16th december is my birthday but i bet no one gives a damn.
I bet you dont care either.
What for am i writing this down..?

Nobody cares anyway.........


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Monday, October 27, 2008

Alright people. I know you guys are waiting for an update.
But there is too much pictures too edit and im working on it.

For now you guys shall see my nice hair!

Yes i dyed my hair. Though it is not that obvious but under sun light its quite obvious. Alright im editting all the pictures now.

Just an update :

-I have bridging programme so i dont have that much time on my hands.
-7th november to 8th november is Siyi's birthday celebration. So yeah im going to her chalet and wont be able to update during that period too.
-Last saturday went to fort canning park and singapore museum with weixian so that is where most of the pictures come from.
-Im quite sick this few days. Having migraine for no apparent reason.

So ya that's all. Bye. =]

Tag replies :

to R - *replied at his blog*

to Yuping - LOL! =X paiseh lah. we rarely communicate mah. ~_~

to kesha - hehe xP

to yiting - relinked.

to tiffanie - LOL! =X

to WeixianJAEHO;JAEJOONG - *not replying* =X

to maiine - lol >< type out word for word lor. i also type out de lor =.=

to lov-ethsex - paiseh make do wif this first ~_~

to gordius - LOL! no prob. linked =]

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Friday, October 24, 2008

A quiz from weixian.

1.Who was the last person to tagged you?
-Weixian lo.

2.Your relationship betweem him/her is?
-Bff =]

3.Your 5 impression of him/her are?
-Funny. Jaejoong lover. Love to suan ppl. Very dan xiao. Lamer.

4.The most memorable thing he/she said to you?

5.If he/she becomes your enemy, you will?

6.What you wanna tell to him/her?

7.Your overall impression of him/her is?

8.How do you think ppl around you will feel about you?
-Got attitude problem.

9.The characteristic you love about yourself is?

10.On the contrary,the characteristic you hate about yourself is?

11.The most ideal person you wanna be is?
-The next singapore president so i can burn down all the schools in singapore.

12.For the ppl who care and like you,you say

13.Pass this quiz to 10 person you wish to know how they feel about you.
*Try to do lah =X lol.*

What is no.6 having a relationship with?
[Tiffanie] no idea >< lol.

Is no.9 a female or male?
[Germaine] female duh!

If no.7 and no.10 are together,will it be a good thing?
[Yiting and Yuping] they dont know each other? hah.

What is no.2 studying about?
[Siyi] what every student has to study? lol.

When was the last time you have a chat with no.3?
[Kesha] yesterday at school.

What kind of music band did no.8 like?
[Ziying] no idea. lol.

Does no.1 have any siblings?
[Weixian] ya. lol.

Will you woo no.3?
[Kesha] im not les!

How about no.7?
[Yiting] IM! NOT! LES!

Is no.4 single?
[Dulcie] no she is attached to a cow. LOL!

What is no.5 surname?
[Nickolas] kwang. lol.

What is the hobby of no.10?
[Yuping] uhh. dont know. lol.

Does no.5 and no.9 get along well?
[Nickolas and Germaine] they dont know each other. hah.

Where is no.2 studying at?
[Siyi] beatty sec.

Talk something about no.1
[Weixian] siao. LOL!

Have you ever tried developing feelings for no.8?
[Ziying] NO WAY!

Where does no.9 live at?
[Germaine] errr. CRAP I KNOW BUT I FORGOT! tampines? ~_~

What colour does no.4 like?
[Dulcie] GREEN?! O.O

Are no.1 and no.5 best friend?
[Weixian and Nickolas] they dont know each other =]

Does no1 have any pet?
[Weixian] err. fish? lol!

Is no.6 the sexiest person in the world?
[Tiffanie] LOL! NO COMMENTS! =X

What is no.10 doing right now?
[Yuping] hmm donno. most probably studying for her o lvls? hah.


THERE DONE! =.= Today dyed hair with weixian. Not that obvious though. Hah. Tomorrow thn post up pictures.



im so traumatised
nobody will know how i feel.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yeah!!!! Even though i got promoted but im still not really happy. I got promoted because one of my teachers managed to push me up to sec4 and not because of my marks. I'm suppose to retain actually. BUT NEXT YEAR I WILL WORK HARDER!


Alright thn. Today morning had awards giving. So boring. Zzz. Nobody is paying attention. Haha! Thn while we singing school song me and kesiao really went siao lah. We sing super loud! LOL!

After that went to have lunch? Lol. First time i cant finish my bowl of prawn mee.

FIRST TIME LEH!!! That time i really very nervous lah. So no appetite. Argh. Anyway my mom collected my results without me. And ya. I guess ms blacky bhavani kpkb alot to my mom. Mr ong too i guess. Argh whatever. He even expect me to drop A-math. TO HELL WITH IT!

I bloody hell wasted 1 year on A-math and im not gonna give up halfway. GOT THAT?!

After collecting my mom lectured me outside the library there and i cried. WHATEVER! I'm already fooking hell stressed up and you are only making it worse. You dont even know what am i going through. You think you know but you have NO IDEA! After the naggings and lecturings i just blindly walk back to class to find macaroni they all. On the way saw rachel. I guess it was obvious that i was crying. She just hugged me and console me for a few seconds. Awwww. I'm so lucky to have a friend like her though we are not really that close.

After that saw kesha they all at our class there. And crapped alot. Thn we kena chase out by ms blacky bhavani. Zzz. Whatever. Outside class with dulcie,kesiao and short hair partner. Haha.

Dulcie and me!

Short hair partner and me!

Kesiao and me!

By the way i realised sec1 i look so retarded. Lol!
Center parting oh my tian! ~_~


I didnt blog about west coast trip with weixian right? So anyway pictures only. I cant remember much. I have short term memory! =]

Weixian become a sweeper?

It's our part time job actually. =]

The grave of 5 millipedes.

Siyi says i look cute in this picture. =X

Weixian is scared of the flying fox. LOL!

Trying to built sand castle using mac's cup.

Fish Sand ball anyone? =X

The mess we made. Sand pollution. Gosh!


That's all for west coast pictures!
So weixian! Next east coast? Hehe!

Tomorrow going to dye hair with weixian. Muahahaha! Hope it turns out nice! =]

Tag replies :


to MRnickolas[k] - hah. banglah tag me? lol.

to lov-ethsex - hah! mus click my ads hor! help me earn money!

to lov-ethsex - lol! TAK TAK TAK!!!! =X

to Yuping - LOL! u hungry? -waves pasta infront of u- too bad u cant eat. =X

to silent reader - ORH HOR! SI SILENT READER! poke u ah!!! -poke- -poke- -poke- -poke- -poke- -poke- -poke- -poke- -poke- -poke- -poke- -poke- -poke- hehe! =] my post not interesting lah. haha.

to kesha - hmm. yeah...NOT! actually i dont know. bleh!

to lov-ethsex - hah? thank you lor! lol ~_~ <333

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dont speak .Seal your lips.
Please dont say a word.
Maybe i wont remember the words i have not heard.
I see that you are in love. I know its not with me.

But i dont want the truth,to haunt my memory.

Pon-ed school again. Lol. Meeting weixian later. Need to go bathe liao.
Bye. Will update tonight. =]

Grats to you.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Today my aunt visit me so no mood to go anywhere. Lol! So anyway. This post will be dedicated to one humji kia.

This humji kia go tag at weixian's blog sio!

20 Oct 08, 15:00
WEIXIANlokguay: Err XiNn lAs WeixIaN . Act DuA NiAa LaH . Am Not SaYiNG aNyThInG BuT YoU ArE JuSt ActIng BIG . Ai DiAo LanG KaKa DiAo lAh HoR MoRe Ppl TheN DiAo -.-

Ok. First of all. The usual.


Want say people please put down name lah hor! Dont step dua pai say people until you so perfect like that. Please lah hor.

Now wat era le? That kind of typing outdated liao lah! Oh wait. Sorry i forgot. You humji kia of cos dont dare use real typing in case people can identify you.

Thn you say weixian erxin? You leh? TAKE A LOOK AT YOURSELF FIRST!!!! She when act dua? She got say she chup or not? She got anyhow scold people or not? Even if she really act dua you huan lo.

She act big your problem? She want diao people your problem? Ok lah,maybe she diao you or what thn you angry lah. But hor. If you dulan with her thn like that tag her. I say its STUPID and USELESS!

You buey song her SAY IT TO HER FACE!





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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Im back...

Nothing much. Haha. Woke up brush teeth. Normal lor.
Thn waiting for my dad to leave the house so i can go out. Lol. When he out le i chiong to cuppage. Saw weixian at the lift there thn we went up together. Haha!

During service super no mood. Sigh...
Whatever pastor jeff teaching i never listen. Oh my tian!!!
Thn after service went toilet style hair with weixian. Lol!

After style le went plaza singapura to buy my earpiece. My previous earpiece spoil lah. Zzz. Waste my money. Lol! Thn after buy le went walk walk to find place to have our lunch!

Walk here walk there in the end ate lunch at pastamania!

Haha! Weixian and me crap like hell lah. Thn eat finish liao no idea where to go. We come up with a list of so many places lah!
For example :
East coast park
West coast park
Sembawang park

Alot lah! So in the end we went vivo. Lol! Sibeh fun lah at vivo! We went sky park to play!

After all the cam-whoring we are thirsty! Believe me. There are more pictures thn that but too fugly. Lol. So we went daiso to buy drinks!!!

Just nice sio! Purple and red! Yunho and jaejoong! Ahhhhhh! So coincidence!

We drink it at the sky park lah. Nice can?!
Leg in water. Plus it is dark already so the scenary very nice. And cold drinks in hand. Bliss!

Wa i feel so xinfu all of a sudden. Haha! But hor! Got this group of childish people sibeh stupid sio! Throw slippers here and there thn one slipper hit dao weixian. Cheese bun. =_=

Irritating freaks!!!!!! Bahhhh! Not worth my time blogging about them.

Drink finish le thn homed! =]

Bye people!!! ^^

Tag replies :

-weixian's tags will not be replied!!! TOO MUCH! ROFL!-

to tiffanie - relinked! =]

to wenQ - yo yo yo =]

to lov-ethsex - eee. i didnt win. lol! so sad! update le lah! i not stupid x.x

to kesha - update alrdy! i know u guys miss me. LOL!

to janice - LOL! U DOG! =X

to usa people search - sorry lazy to link. x.x

to . - not interested =]

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Alright people!

I decided to join this contest since siyi and kesiao join too!


Isn't it cool?! High school musical 3!! Oh my god!!!!

Hmm. I haven went through graduation before. Maybe next year. BUT! According to my marks i dont think so. Ahh!!!! How can this happen to me?! I made my mistakes! Got no way to run~ Life goes on as im fading away!

That is Untitled by Simple Plan by the way.

I dont know why am i so hyper all of a sudden. Hmmm...

So anyway!

My expected graduation would be!!!!!!!

A party where everybody gets to be who they are and we get to sabotage our teachers!!!

Muahahaha! I am evil i know. But im lovin' it~

Ok nevermind. I am uber high right now for no reason. Lol.

So people!

Catch Walt Disney Pictures' High School Musical 3: Senior Year in cinemas from October 24!

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Sorry people. Quite busy this few days!

I will update on sunday including my exam results.


By the way my exam results sucks.

99% chances i retain. Bleh whatever!

Bye people! Take care!

Good luck to the people who are having o lvls!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My math exam is screwed! SCREWED!

Paper 1 still ok lah. But i think i made alot of mistakes? Thn paper 2 totally SCREWED! Paper 2,question 2 and 3 and 4 totally blank lah. Thn question 5 is the graph one. My graph free hand drawn becos i forgot to bring curve ruler. Lol! So dont know will get marks for it or not. My math have to depend on my paper 1 le. During paper 2 i seriously feel like crying lah. I ALMOST breakdown and cry can? :(

During paper 2 last 10min i give up and went to sleep. Thn mr ong saw me sleeping i think becos when collecting our paper he go use our test papers hit my head and say : if you fail i knock your head ah.

Piang eh. I not the only one sleeping lor! Why aim me only sia?! After the paper ended my whole class all very excited lah. All talking about the paper. Lol! Ellis blame me and kesha if she fail sia. She say she see me give up she no confidence? o.o?

Lol. Lame shit. After that slack at canteen with may,kesha and vivi.Slack slack. Thn after that took bus to bpp becos i meeting weixian. Saw weixian at mac lah. Thn saw cuizhen also. Lol.

After that me and weixian went to buy chocolate fondue. Oh my tian!!! I like ^^ Who rich can blanjah me swensen de chocolate fondue? Haha! ><

Thn eat finish le went comics connection to buy jaejoong things. Lol! Me and weixian buy yunho and jaejoong keychain! ^^ Wheets! Very nice. Now my phone charging so tomorrow thn i show you the keychain k? Haha!

Buy finish le went library children's corner there slack. I reading my ghost story book and weixian keep di siao me. We made alot of noise lah! Lol!

Thn we just walk around bpp lah. We 2 pok le no money have proper lunch. In the end only eat bread. Ke lian de wo men. ~_~

Thn we went food court go di siao birdy. She studying thn she call us go pei her. Thn when we go pei her she say she regret calling us. Lol! Eh only weixian di siao lor. I help her revise her math leh! Though i dont know most of the questions. Lol!

After that eunice came thn me and weixian collect our cookie and home sweet home~
On the bus very cold lah. T_T

Today whole day sms-ing laogong. Tsk! He today whole day horny. Lol! >< Shh! Oh my tian hope he doesnt see this. ;x

K lah stop hear liao. Lol! Very hungry...T_T

Tag replies :

to kesha[1 Oct 08, 16:18] - lol! very retarded lo that picture!

to lov-ethsex[1 Oct 08, 22:49] - lol! wa so hardworking ah? i last minute study. lol!

to Yuping[1 Oct 08, 23:11] - thanks! ^^

to kesha[2 Oct 08, 20:57] - lol. confirm is horse sms u horny stuff till ur sim card cannot take it anymore so self destruct. LOL!

to alson[6 Oct 08, 04:21] - thanks! ^^

to lov-ethsex[6 Oct 08, 06:21] - orh hor! never go school! pon ah pon ah! lol ><

to MRnickolas[K][6 Oct 08, 18:43] - hi^^ thanks for tagging. u tc too ya? shh! u also never study ok! lol! ><

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Sorry! I am too busy too update. Tomorrow is the math exam. Argh! Bye guys!

Wish all the people who love me pass your exams with flying colours!
Wish all the people who hate me fail your exams with diving colours!

Tags reply next time k? Haha.


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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hello people!!! This coming friday marks the start of my EOY yet i am still not studying! So anyway,yesterday went to get a hair cut again. Weixian complains that my hair not easy to spike so go cut it shorter. Jialat sia...Now is very the spike liao lor!

So anyway...

PICTURE FLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weixian & me! We are going to jump! Lol! joking.

Kesha & me! Retarded face of mine.

Weixian & me!

Weixian acting retarded. LOL!

Flower growing on weixian's head. LOL!

Weixian & me being retarded. Lol.

Kesha & me stuck in that small tunnel. @_@

Ok. That's all. Still got more pictures but very un-glam. Wait...come to think of it non of the pictures are glam. Hmm....

Uhh well, i am going east coast park now to cycle!!!!!

Dont miss me k? Hehe.

Tag replies :

to wenQ - WA SO SCARED! LOL!

to bena - hi. and thanks. lol.

to Venessa - haha.nxt time gathering again k? xP

to lov-ethsex - siyi!!!! i update liao lor. wat more u wan? lol. i on9 u bo on9 T_T

to qiiiiiiii[: - haha. glad that u will xP

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