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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My math exam is screwed! SCREWED!

Paper 1 still ok lah. But i think i made alot of mistakes? Thn paper 2 totally SCREWED! Paper 2,question 2 and 3 and 4 totally blank lah. Thn question 5 is the graph one. My graph free hand drawn becos i forgot to bring curve ruler. Lol! So dont know will get marks for it or not. My math have to depend on my paper 1 le. During paper 2 i seriously feel like crying lah. I ALMOST breakdown and cry can? :(

During paper 2 last 10min i give up and went to sleep. Thn mr ong saw me sleeping i think becos when collecting our paper he go use our test papers hit my head and say : if you fail i knock your head ah.

Piang eh. I not the only one sleeping lor! Why aim me only sia?! After the paper ended my whole class all very excited lah. All talking about the paper. Lol! Ellis blame me and kesha if she fail sia. She say she see me give up she no confidence? o.o?

Lol. Lame shit. After that slack at canteen with may,kesha and vivi.Slack slack. Thn after that took bus to bpp becos i meeting weixian. Saw weixian at mac lah. Thn saw cuizhen also. Lol.

After that me and weixian went to buy chocolate fondue. Oh my tian!!! I like ^^ Who rich can blanjah me swensen de chocolate fondue? Haha! ><

Thn eat finish le went comics connection to buy jaejoong things. Lol! Me and weixian buy yunho and jaejoong keychain! ^^ Wheets! Very nice. Now my phone charging so tomorrow thn i show you the keychain k? Haha!

Buy finish le went library children's corner there slack. I reading my ghost story book and weixian keep di siao me. We made alot of noise lah! Lol!

Thn we just walk around bpp lah. We 2 pok le no money have proper lunch. In the end only eat bread. Ke lian de wo men. ~_~

Thn we went food court go di siao birdy. She studying thn she call us go pei her. Thn when we go pei her she say she regret calling us. Lol! Eh only weixian di siao lor. I help her revise her math leh! Though i dont know most of the questions. Lol!

After that eunice came thn me and weixian collect our cookie and home sweet home~
On the bus very cold lah. T_T

Today whole day sms-ing laogong. Tsk! He today whole day horny. Lol! >< Shh! Oh my tian hope he doesnt see this. ;x

K lah stop hear liao. Lol! Very hungry...T_T

Tag replies :

to kesha[1 Oct 08, 16:18] - lol! very retarded lo that picture!

to lov-ethsex[1 Oct 08, 22:49] - lol! wa so hardworking ah? i last minute study. lol!

to Yuping[1 Oct 08, 23:11] - thanks! ^^

to kesha[2 Oct 08, 20:57] - lol. confirm is horse sms u horny stuff till ur sim card cannot take it anymore so self destruct. LOL!

to alson[6 Oct 08, 04:21] - thanks! ^^

to lov-ethsex[6 Oct 08, 06:21] - orh hor! never go school! pon ah pon ah! lol ><

to MRnickolas[K][6 Oct 08, 18:43] - hi^^ thanks for tagging. u tc too ya? shh! u also never study ok! lol! ><

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