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Sunday, September 7, 2008


Lol. Yes that is the first thing i wanna say. Today went out to watch Wall-E with siyi and weijie. Haha. Surprisingly, 3 bloggers going out ; there is not much pics. Haha. All 3 of us too shy lah!

We meeting outside bunk at 1pm. All 3 of us late. Lol! Actually i bo late can? I zun zun reach there at 1. I thought i will be late. Haha. Thn siyi came around 1.12? I hiding behind the pillar and she can find me. I playing DJmax thn suddenly she came and wave and 'hi' me. I stunned can? I stun for a few seconds. Lol.

Thn after that there is this awkward silence.....
Totally dont know what to say to her. Lol. So i crapped about weijie and said how he make ladies wait for him. Thn weijie reached and he is wearing shoes. Argh! Cant step on his foot!

Went to the cathay to buy the tickets first. That weijie kiasu lah. Typical singaporean. Lol. After that went plaza singapura. Lunch-ed at burger king. I guess there is where the tension starts to dissapear. All 3 of us started talking. Lol. Talked about almost everything. Blog wars to maple private servers to how maplesea is gonna corrupt soon to dota to i forgot what liao.

After lunch went to arcade to play awhile. Play-ed time crisis 2 with weijie. He sucks lah. He steal my combo. Lol. But he die very fast. Muahahaha!

Now thn i realised while playing i got a stone look. Lol.

After that siyi and weijie played daytona. I cant play. Mine got glitch. Sad. LOL! So i be the PHOTOGRAPHER! As siyi just now be the photographer when weijie and me play time crisis 2.

After that went to the basement of the cathay. Weijie meeting his girlfriend a friend who is a girl.
Weijie said : You all wait in the fountain.
What the heck? Ok siyi and me jump into the fountain to wait. Lol. Just kidding. Thn while waiting i keep commenting how the fishes are like half dead and siyi said that if you feed them paper they will also eat. Lol! What the heck! And i owned weijie in DJmax. Muahahaha.

But in the end weijie's girlfriend went off already. Zzz. So we go buy popcorn and drinks thn went into the theatre. Weijie paid for it. Siyi and me bullying him by stealing the popcorn and both drinks away but didnt managed to. Sad!

In the theatre we keep passing the popcorn left and right. Lol. But the starting of the show totally not related to wall-e can? It shows a magician got his ass owned by a rabbit because the rabbit wants a carrot but the magician didnt give the carrot to the rabbit. Zzz.

Thn while watching wall-e for 15minutes a dumb ass sms-ed me. Lol k lah. Alvin sms-ed me.
He sms me : Eh! I now online hor thn i saw one webpage selling sex dolls leh. Wahlao chio sia for a doll.
I replied : Tell me for what? I not interested.
Alvin : I jus telling you it is chio mah.
Me : I know you want one right?
Alvin : HUH?! ONE?!?!?! NOT ENOUGH LAH BODOH!!! NEED 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes that is what he said. By that time i find it totally no point to continue the conversation so i didnt replied him and watch my movie instead. Wall-e is nice. Haha. After the movie went back to the arcade. Play play play thn slacked around.

After that weijie meeting his 2nd girlfriend. LOL!!!! So i pei siyi to wait for her train as she going vivo. Her train come le thn i decided to go home to complete my homework. Tomorrow school re-opening. SAD!

Overall,siyi is awesome! =D

Tag replies :

to lov-ethsex[4 Sep 08, 21:04] - haha.i ok le lah. x.x

to wenQ[4 Sep 08, 21:18] - lol =X

to JIDAN[6 Sep 08, 00:48] - got got. x.x

to janice[6 Sep 08, 17:32] - not offended. haha.

to lov-ethsex[6 Sep 08, 20:40] - not much pictures leh. T_T

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