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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Todays is boring de lor! I hate mr rizman!! Dont know how to spell his stupid name lah! Hate him hate him hate him!!!! Argh!!!

After school went lot1! Bought bubble tea thn made our way to cck park for cg. Last cg with cck ppl! Sadded! *cries* Hahahaha. Games is fun de lor! Yeah~ Love cck ppl. Hahahaha! And and and! Thanks to seok sian and mingyee for buying pizza for us! Hehehe.

After cg went lot1 to slack. Tired tired! Bought strawberry ice blended to try. Wat the heck lor! Taste very.......STRAWBERRY?! As in like the strawberry taste very strong? Aiya i dont know how to explain lah! I am not making any sense. You guys go buy and try it yourself. Hehehe.

Tomorrow 11am release from JAIL SCHOOL! After that going to go play basketball with janice! Woohoo! Yup yup! I am addicted to basketball once again! But i am still not gonna join back basketball! Got ahpek dont have me,dont have ahpek got me. How's that?!

I am lazy to type now so i shall just post up lots and lots of pictures for you to see.

Lol. The last picture i look like i wanna cry sia. Blehs. I am gonna go bathe now. Bye people! =D

P/S : I am lazy to post up the rest. Hahaha! So make do with 2 pictures for now.

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