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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yawns! Damn fucking tiring today. Argh! I hate CCA days! Ok,before i start crapping about my boring day i shall blog about something first. The first thought on my mind when i see this is : MY HATER HAS SPLIT PERSONALITY?!

Click the picture if you can't see clearly.

This seriously makes my day! At first i never bothered to go check the I.P address because i RARELY check it. But one of my fren suggested me checking it becos she is suspicious that 'name.' and 'Walter' could be the same person. So i check it out and amusingly what she said is true! I was laughing hard when i saw it becos there were so many crap thoughts running through my mind!
#1.My fren could get a job as a psychic.
#2.Why the hell does my hater has two names?
#3.Oh! He uses different names to support himself!
#4.What a jackass that person is!
#5.Moronic dumbass geek!

So there! This proves that even people whom you think is leading a normal life could suffer from split personality! So to all bloggers out there! Once you get a hate tag from Walter and 30min later there is another person saying : Oh i agree with Walter.

Ok ok. I cannot tahan anymore. It is damn funny when i think about it. DAMN! My stomach hurts from all that laughing! Okok,before anybody starts runing away from my laughters i shall stop and control my laughter!

Today had the temperature taking exercise! Kesiao and me rub the thermometer on our skirts and bluff ms bhavani that we had fever.Joking! I mean,kesiao and me rub the thermometer on our skirts becos we challenge each other see who can make it the hottest and kesiao won! Haha!

After that was E-math. DAMN! Kesiao and me were praying that mr ong never come and when we saw him walking through the door...DOUBLE DAMN! Sian dao!!!! Going through some angle of elevation and depression shit thn there was this announcement :

Will the following teachers pls come to the office?*shit loads of teacher names*....

Halfway through the announcement kesiao said : Mr Ong Chuan Hock.
Thn the announcement really said it!

....Mr Ong Chuan Hock. All these teachers whose names are mentioned pls come to the general office now.

WOOHOO! ANOTHER FREN OF MINE WHO COULD BE A PSYCHIC! COOL!!! Kesiao and me were laughing damn loudly. HAHAHAHA! But in the end he never go. TRIPLE DAMN!!!

And the rest of my day was sucky! CCA was held at the study area and machiam free time lor! We can do anything we wan but we are not allow to leave the school. What the hell?!?! So i crapped with Alicia and we had talk about lots of jokes and serious stuffs. So yea,after that went home and once i step into my house i immediately kena kan by my mom. So sad =(

Argh! Lazy to post anything now becos i have nth else to post. See ya! Peace out!

P/S : I don't want to start another war with Walter. I just wanna share this hilarious episode with my frens(:

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