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Skating, gaming and anime is my life.
Saturday, July 5, 2008

Went to watch Hancock with Sean!


Took cab all the way to Junction 8.
I was late again.Late by 10mintues.
Plus i slept in the cab so when i wake up i was abit blur.I got out of the cab and dropped my baobei.
And the casing split into half.
What the hell?!
Heart pain ah!

Anyway,watch the 2.55pm movie.The movie is quite ok.Some parts quite funny.Haha.
Oh ya!
Before the movie start right,you know the part where got alot advertisments one?Got one group of teenagers sitting in front of us.Think 3 guys 2 girls.One of the guy throw a popcorn at us.Fuck man!If it is not for sean there i would have slapped that bastard right there in front of all those people.
Sean is even more evil than me.He wanted to put ICE in that guy's shirt.Laughs!But in the end don't have becos we is good people,don't want fights and conflicts.Hahaha!

At the end of the movie we got up and walk towards the exit.And sean keep complaining to me that the people behind keep throw popcorn.
So i said : Next time you bring one basket inside and put it on your head.Middle of the movie you take it down and TADAH!,FREE POPCORN!

Lol.Ok,i am lame.I know i know.
Walk around and i borrowed sean's psp casing becos i can't relax about my baobei without a casing.
Was real tired,wanted to go home so sean pei me wait for my bus.
Than he keep 'play' me!What the hell!
He suddenly go say : eh 56 no service liao leh.
And i am dumb enough to go believe him and i started to panic.Then there he was laughing his ass off loudly.What the f***!!

F-ing hell.Wanted is NC16.F***!!!!

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Sorry about that...ok,so i was saying.........
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