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Skating, gaming and anime is my life.
Sunday, July 6, 2008

I feel so fucking miserable without my N81.

Argh! I feel so miserable! Now i am using a fucking PINK N72. Can you imagine?! Me! Holding PINK phone! I don't have anything against pink, mind you. Just that it is so not me lah! Though i do have a few pink stuffs here and there but i will never ever hold a PINK phone. Pink psp i don't mind. Pink ipod i don't mind. But i don't know why i don't like my phone to be PINK!!!!

Ok ok. Stop this pink thing. I rather have a PINK phone than no phone. Hahahahaha! My handphone number is still the same. So to whoever is trying to contact me for the past 2 days can do so now.

But i still feel so miserable without my N81.*Cries madly* Uhh well....

After crossing the red line,this post shall become crude. So please prepare yourself!

To the motherfucker person who kop my phone :

If you are the motherfucker and you are a male :
I cursed your balls to rot and fall off and you become a tranny! And your hand which kop my phone kena chop off by a blunt spoon! Follow by a mad scientist sticking a vacuum cleaner up your motherfucking ass to suck your fucking brains out! Yes! You got me right! Your brains go through your ass and i will be at the side laughing my ass off!!!

If you are the motherfucker and you are a female :
I cursed your byebye hair keep growing till it can touch the floor and it is so fucking thick that you need a pair of extra sharp shears to cut it off, but 5 minutes later it will grow back and further more twice as long! And you shall become someone who is 不男不女! And your boobs shall sag like there is no tomorrow! And and and! You shall be BALD! Than you need to cut your byebye hair and use super glue to make it into a wig!!!

In short : SCREW YOU!

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