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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Recently there is LOTS of wars in the world of blogosphere(in short : blog wars.easier for me,haha) Anyways!! Why are there so much conflicts in the world of blogosphere?! You only know that person online and not real life so why get all so worked up? If you know that person real life why not settle it real life instead of having blog wars?

WAR #1
Between : Xiaxue and Dawn Yang
I am sure most of you know about the war between Xiaxue and Dawn Yang right? Well this war is the usual : Xiaxue writes about how much she hates Dawn and Dawn's manager threaten to sue Xiaxue etc. etc. etc.
Now i find this really weird. A blog is for u to write freely about your feelings but in this case,Xiaxue is not having that freedom. Why? Because she offended someone. Just like : If you write something racist your ass also kena whack by government.
Anyway,later on Xiaxue needs to write and apology post etc. which i find that it is REALLY unfair to her. Dawn's manager is jus an extra who wants Xiaxue's attention. END OF STORY! Heck! I may get sued for writing that sentence but who cares? My blog is not that famous as Xiaxue's thus i should be safe.

WAR #2
Between : Jayden and YinJie
Though this two bloggers are not as famous but they are still quite popular. As in their blog really has readers. Lots of them!
For their war,scenario is this : Yinjie used his own blog's blogskin which is designed by Jayden to enter into a best blog design contest. Jayden who also join the same contest found out about it and i guess he was furious thus he emailed the in-charge of the contest about this issue plus he 'confronted' YinJie.
YinJie claims that someone nominated him and he joined it not knowing that it is for best blog design contest while he himself joined best youth blog contest too. I can't judge who is right or who is wrong because in my opinion it looks like it is just a misunderstanding. BUT! Maybe...JUST MAYBE!!! YinJie MAYBE lying. I am jus saying maybe becos i don't know for sure.

WAR #3
Between : Isaac and Walter
I don't know much about Walter but i am a regular reader of Isaac's blog. So i may tend to be abit one-sided in this.
Scenario : People claim that Walter stole Isaac's blog title and thn it became big resulting in both of them shooting each other.
I did went to Walter's blog to check it out and i saw so DAMN ALOT of hate tags and i mean SHIT LOAD of them! Same goes for Isaac's blog as well. Personally i would support Isaac becos i don't know why but i abit buey song with that Walter's face. BUT that is not the point. Walter does NOT have the same blog title as Isaac. Just that the 'main part of it' is the same. Which is the scream part. Only one person knows who is right and who is wrong in this case. Walter himself. Does he steal the idea from Isaac's blog only he himself knows.

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