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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here it is!

Top 10 dumb things ppl do to their blog

In random order and!!
No offence meant. =x

#1. "Thank you my loyal readers."
I hate ppl who act as though their blog has alot of 'loyal readers'.
When in fact that person's loyal reader is himself/herself.

#2. Password protected blogs.
Like wtf?!
You create a blog to let ppl read about ur life or anything intertesting but you go put password.
How dumb is that?!
Might as well dun blog lor!

#3. Oxford dictionary blog.
"Hello! Yours truly is filled with happiness today to give you an oh-so-magnificent entry about my wonderfully day today."
Ok i donno wtf am i saying.
My meaning is that.
Those ppl who blog as though they hav PERFECT english!
Like wtf?! =_=

#4. my-name-is-something-you-don't-need-to-know-and-i-love-my-dog-and-cat-etc-etc-etc.blogspot.com
Oh please =_=
I hate it when ppl's blog url is so damn fucking long!
You might as well type out a whole compo as ur blog url!

#5. "Dear diary,today i woke up.Brush my teeth.Change into school uniform.Walk 37 steps to my house gate and another 76 steps to the bus stop.Waited for 7min38secs for the bus.Took 8min39secs to reached school.Walked 63 steps to the school gate and another 32 steps to the school hall...etc! etc! etc!"
Eh pls lor =_=
Ur life damn fucking boring can?
Might as well dun blog..kns =_=

#6. Rock music embedded.
How the fuck am i suppose to read ur blog with those music blasting from my speakers?

#7. "hellozxzxzxz! t0dae damn e funni l0rxzx! u kn0wzxzx h0rxzxzx! muaii teacher t0day tell us funni j0ke thns wh0le class laughxzxzxz lyk madxzxzxzxz pplxzxzxz l0rxzxzxzx!"
Ok i suck in writing twit language =_=
But wanted yiting's help in helping me put up a proper twit sentence but cannot.
Anyways! How am i suppose tuhh read all th0se shiit?! =_=
I jus can't read twit language properly -.-''

#8. Oh-i-am-so-great bloggers.
Ppl who keep saying in their blogs as though they are the greatest are jus assholes!
If you are so great proved it!
Action speaks louder thn words =_=

#9. Youtube videos,song list,youtube videos,AND MORE YOUTUBE VIDEOS!
Eh hello...
Ur blog for videos or for u to type abt ur life or anything interesting?
Pls lah hor!
Ppl wan see video know hw to go to youtube dunnid u put in ur blog one!

#10. Lots and lots of advertisments company blogs.
If you blog jus for money i suggest u fuck off and delete ur blog.
All those advertisments makes ur blog lag u know?!

P/S : 2nd day the bitch didn't come to school.She last yr can M.I.A for 3 months this year she wan set record 6 months izzit? Plus she dye hair still lie to ms bhavani say wat "oh i under the sun too long blah blah blah'.Fuck off lah bitch! =_=

some points gt it frm - www.jayleif.blogspot.com

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