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Monday, May 19, 2008

yawns..today re-watched speed racer but this time watch wif my parents + the 2 damn irritating brothers of mine =='' uhh well..lunched at mr bean cafe..donno wat sort of cafe izzit..lol! but it has this painting hung on its wall..

which i find it damn funny and almost choked on my steak when i see it..lol! thn after tat head to cineleisure..actually wanna watch iron man but my 2 bro doewan..they wanna watch speed racer so i bo bian re-watch wif them..x.x ok since today my day is jus so damn boring tat if i blog abt it u will most probably alt + f4 or click on the big red X button on the top right hand corner so i shall review bout the movie speed racer ~~~

about the movie..

Speed Racer is a 2008 film that is a live action film adaptation of the 1960s Japanese anime series Speed Racer. The film is written and directed by the Wachowski brothers, who also serve as co-producers. The film had been in development since 1992, changing writers and directors until producer Joel Silver and the Wachowski brothers collaborated to begin production on Speed Racer as a family film so the directors could reach a wider audience.Actor Emile Hirsch was cast as Speed, the hero of the animated series, and Christina Ricci portrays Speed's girlfriend, Trixie. Speed Racer was shot between June and November 2007 in Potsdam and Berlin, Germany at an estimated budget of $100,000,000. Most of the filming took place at Babelsberg Studios in Potsdam, where the footage was shot entirely against greenscreen. The Wachowski brothers also filmed in high-definition video for the first time, using a layering method to put both the foreground and the background of scenes in focus to have a real-life anime appearance.

about the story..

Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch) is a young 18-year old man with natural racing instincts whose goal is to win the Casa Cristo, a cross-country car racing rally that took the life of his older brother, Rex Racer (Scott Porter). Speed is loyal to the family business, run by his parents Pops (John Goodman) and Mom (Susan Sarandon). Pops designed Speed's car, the Mach 5. The owner of Royalton Industries (Roger Allam) makes Speed a lucrative offer, but Speed rejects the offer, angering the owner. Speed also uncovers a secret that top corporate interests, including Royalton, are fixing races and cheating to gain profit. With the offer to Speed denied, Royalton wants to ensure that Speed will not win races. Speed finds support from his parents and his girlfriend Trixie (Christina Ricci) and enters The Crucible in a partnership with his one-time rival, Racer X (Matthew Fox), seeking to rescue his family's business and the racing sport itself

pros of the movie :
1) funny
2) animation quite ok
3) some of the cast is shuai ok! lol!!!

cons of the movie :
1) cant think of any!

LOL! so guess to me the mmovie is quite ok and worth watching ~.~

this are the cast of the movie..

i find the elder brother damn shuai sio x.x
he act as rex racer in the movie..thn in the movie he faked his death and he become another guy known as racer X..

and this is his younger brother..

and the youngest brother damn cute la! and their monkey also..LOL!

and well..their race cars quite nice too!

ok i am going to go eat my dinner now..my dad nagging me liao =='' tatah ppl~

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