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Sunday, May 11, 2008

yawns..today mother's day..LOL! nth much happen? woke up,play comp awhile thn go bathe thn go fetch my ahma frm my xiao yi house..thn she saw my piercing..LOL! thn she was like :
xiao yi : wa crystal! hen stylo hor? pierce nose liao ah..tong mah?
(wa crystal! vry stylo hor? pierce nose already..pain mah?)
me : hai hao la..bu shi suo hen tong..
(ok ok la..nt say vry pain..)
xiao yi : aiiiyooo..wo kan liao dou jue de tong..thn ni you mei you pierce tongue?
(aiiiyooo..i see already also feel the pain..thn u gt pierce ur tongue?)
me : mei you lor..daddy mommy bu rang..
(dun hav lor..daddy mommy dun allow..)
daddy : hannorh..at first ta jiang ta yao pierce tongue thn wo bu ken ta jiu bo bian pierce nose er yi..
(hannorh..she at first say wan pierce tongue thn i dun allow so she no choise pierce nose only..)
xiao yi : tsk tsk tsk wo kan liao dou pa..
(tsk tsk tsk i see already also scared..)
LOL! lmao..x.x thn after tat even my ahma also comment on my piercing..she say only indians pierce nose..=='' wtf sio!!!!! lol but she say 'wo hen mei' after piercing nose..zzz..which i dun think so? =='' LOL anyways went to hav lunch at a dim sum restaurant ;o the food was ok i guess jus tat i dun really like dim sum? ._. thn after tat sent my ahma home thn went NTUC wif family..thn after awhile i scared my nose infection so i was like asking my mom whether can buy the alcohol drip so we went to the pharmacy and they only hav this BIG bottle..no small bottle de..eee! thn my dad say dunnid so ma fan use alcohol swipe can liao..lmao =='' thn i bo bian use alcohol swipe lor..reach home i go bathe and while bathing i drop my nose stud..LOL! and i was finding it here n there and finally found it..=='' so i took it,wash it and use alcohol swipe and clean it thn wear it bak..LOL! and nw here i am blogging =x ok gonna stop here now..chatting wif yiting on msn ;o tatahs ppl~


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