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Saturday, May 10, 2008

yawns..this is jus an update..
i was begging my mom to let me go pierce and she agreed if only i do all the housework for the whole of nxt week..=='' wow..LOL
anyways..first i went to heeren..and i tried to locate the shop tat pierce nose..and when i found it..this is wat happen...
me : er excuse me..qing wen ni men pierce nose ji kuai?
(er excuse me..u all pierce nose here hw much?)
lady : wu si kuai
me : *listening to ipod so nv hear properly* wu kuai ah? *happily thinks hw cheap it is*
*listening to ipod so nv hear properly*($5 ah?) *happily thinks hw cheap it is*
lady : bu shi..wu si kuai..
me : orh ok..*quickly walk out of shop*
LOL!!!!! well i guess it is so expensive cos :
1)it is at town area.
2)the shop is zhuan1 man3 for body piercings and tattoos.
so anyways..after walking out of shop i quickly sms this to yiting :
'KNN! heeren pierce nose $50!'
so i decided to go to causeway to pierce~ tat is whr jiawan pierce also..LOL!
reaching causeway,i walk arnd causeway to find the shop tat pierce nose..thn i walked to a shop called XCRAFT or smth..they gt one flashing sign tat says : ear piercings for donno hw much,nose piercings for $5 and lip piercings for donno hw much again.
so i went in an enquired bout the procedures and everything..the lady was quite patient wif me too! cos i knw la..i abit kiasu and everything..LOL! but the lady explain to me step by step hw they pierce blah blah blah despite the shop being so busy and crowded..so i decided to jus pierce there..LOL! and i ask her whether izzit pain..she said pain only awhile nia la dunnid scared one..LOL! thn i told her to warn me beforehand she pierce to let me prepare myself..instead she was like : ok ready ah.....*PIERCED!*
my god! i actually flinch! LOL! i was like shock + i jumped away..x.x lol! but anyway it is nt tat pain as i thought it was..thn i also buy frm tat shop transparent ear sticks so when i go sch can wear..haha..after tat went to meet yiting at bukit gombak mrt station to hav dinner tgt..on the mrt ride my nose was feeling itchy >< but too bad cant scratch or else infection ;o thn later saw yiting at the mrt station and we walk to mac to hav dinner..after dinner walk here walk there and crap alot..LOL! thn suddenly talk bout part time job so i go 7-11 buy new paper and look for part time jobs..first one we called was a job as a surveyor but when we called nobody pick up..dammit =='' thn ltr continue looking thn we found another job : DOOR TO DOOR ICE CREAM SALES! LOL!
thn while calling yiting kip make me laugh la..
she kip say : hello i wan to sell ice cream..
LOL! tat made me laugh thn ltr the guy call us sms him our name,age and address blah blah so yiting save his number in her contacts and guess wat she put as the name..
she go put : ICE CREAM MAN!
LOL! ROFL! ROFLOL!!!!! x.x
thn after tat home sweet home..LOL!
ok nxt time thn blog again..tatahs ppl~

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